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On-Demand Proposal Development


Do you have a proposal development sales team - but still need an extra push during busy periods?† Good sales opportunities often come in bunches. †Whether you need a temporary proposal project manager, proposal writer, or graphic designer, Proposal Dynamics has the expertise to give your team that extra bandwidth - to ensure you donít lose a single opportunity.


Complete Proposal Development Outsourcing


Thinking about hiring a full-time sales development manager or proposal writer for your team?† Hiring an experienced individual with a track record of writing multi-million dollar proposals can easily exceed $100,000 when factoring in salary, benefits, overhead costs, and commissions.†

Our team of proposal analysts, writers, graphic designers and red team leaders can act as your virtual sales and proposal development team - increasing your contract wins, while decreasing your costs at the same time.




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Recent Major Client Wins

- 8(a) STARS II GWAC: Over 20 clients supported with winning proposal content.

- Navy Seaport-e: Multiple master contract wins.

- GSA Schedules: Multiple master contract wins for multuple schedules and SINs.


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